INA cam followers INA cam followers

INA Cam Followers

INA Cam Followers INA Cam Followers

About Cam Followers

The outer rings of regular ball and roller bearings are typically mounted in rigid housings providing support around the entire circumference. Individual roller forces are transmitted through the outer ring directly into the housing with no major deformations.

By contrast, cam followers and yoke rollers are supported at a single point on their circumference. Individual roller forces produce bending moments on the outer ring around the point of contact. The effects are outer ring deformation with reversed bending stresses in dynamic applications, a reduced load zone, and a higher maximum roller load.

INA Cam Followers

To keep deformation to a minimum, the outer ring of a cam follower must have a considerably heavier cross section than a standard bearing. This requirement conflicts with the desire for maximum dynamic bearing capacity requiring as large of a roller diameter as possible. 

Needle roller cam followers have a heavy outer ring cross-section and a full complement of needle rollers. They offer high dynamic and static load carrying capability, and anti-friction performance, in a compact design. They are used as track rollers, cam followers, and in a wide range of linear motion systems.

INA Cam Followers

Cam followers come in a variety of design options including relubrication with built-in grease fitting or seals, mounting options such as an integral threaded stud, crowned outer rings to handle misalignment, additional stud strength for high shock loading and corrosion resistance for food and pharmaceutical industry applications.

Yoke type cam followers are intended primarily for applications where loading conditions exceed the capabilities of stud type cam followers, or where clevis mounting is desired. Clevis mounting provides support on both sides of the cam follower and permits use of a high strength pin. Yoke type cam followers are available with and without seals, and with crowned outer rings.

INA Cam Followers

Crowned outer rings are used to minimize outer ring thrusting in applications where the axis of the cam follower is not parallel to the surface of the track or is skewed relative to the direction of travel. Crowned outer rings are a good selection for use with curved or circular tracks. In well-aligned applications, crowned outer rings can cause accelerated track wear.

Caged roller followers provide large internal grease storage capacity for applications where re-lubrication is infrequent. Cage guided rollers and a very heavy outer ring cross-section permit operation at high loads and high speeds. Caged roller followers are available with and without seals. The unsealed design provides the additional advantages of very low friction to prevent skidding in lightly loaded applications and flow-through lubrication.   Caged roller followers normally mount directly on a hardened and ground pin.

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