Aurora Rod Ends Aurora Rod Ends

Aurora Rod Ends

Aurora Rod Ends Aurora Rod Ends

2-piece construction rod ends
Aurora Rod Ends
2 Piece Metal to Metal Rod Ends
Available in plain or Teflon lined for increased wear resistance.  2-Piece Rod Ends offer an economical option for your motion control needs.  Available in multiple sizes and alloys
rod swivel ends
Aurora Rod Ends
3 Piece Metal to Metal Rod Ends
Rod swivel ends. Steel Housing with Teflon lined inserts for increased wear resistance.  Available in a wide range of sizes and alloys
3-piece construction rod ends
Aurora Rod Ends

Steel housing with spherical inserts for increased precision and fit over 2 Pieced staked versions.  Insert may be lined with Teflon for increased wear resistance.  Combine the precision of a spherical bearing and the strength of a Rod End with this design.  Available in a wide range of sizes and alloys.


4-piece construction rod ends|
Aurora Rod Ends
4 Piece Bronze Race Rod Ends
4 Piece oil impregnated races inserted into a steel housing.  Offers a precision fit along with a self lubricating feature that prevents excessive wear.  Offered in a variety of sizes
nylon molded race, self lubricating rod ends
Aurora Rod Ends
Molded Race Rod Ends
Metal housing with an injection molded plastic Race.  Ideal for most all applications where wear is an issues.  Molded race offers a precise fit as well self lubricating bearing surface.  Recommended for operating temps under 220F.  Available in multiple sizes and alloys.
spherical bearings Spherical Bearings
Tuthill Offers a wide range of spherical bearings from low carbon steel races to high strength stainless.  The product is also offered with high misalignment shouldered balls for increased cone angles.  Product may also be lined with telon for increased wear resistance.

wide series spherical bearings


Wide Series Spherical Bearing
Offered with Stainless housing and ball for increased corrosion resistance.  The product is also lined with Teflon to increase the wear resistance and prevent galling.
self lubricating spherical bearings Molded Race Spherical Bearings
This unique spherical bearing is offered with our popular molded race technology.  The design allows the user to avoid lubrication and enjoy the economic advantages of this design.  This product is available in a wide range of sizes and should be designed to operated below 220F.
ball joints Ball Joints
The most economical linkage option.  Avoid the loose fit of pinned connections with a ball joint linkage.  Tuthill offers a wide range of ball joints from the basic staked to a hardened housing and snap ring assembly for increased wear and strength.  Quick disconnect versions as well as plastic ball joints are also available.  Steel version are available with rubber dirt shields to offer added protection against the environment.
plastic housing ball joints Plastic Housing Ball Joints
Tuthill's most economic Ball Joint offering.  Available in No. 10-32 and 1/4-28 sizes with or without the stud assembled.  The plastic housing offers a light weight and light duty option for your linkage needs.

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