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Jason Belts

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Jason's urethane power transmission belts are made of wear-resistant polyurethane specially formulated for synchronous belt applications. All our urethane belts are embedded with tough steel tensile cords for chemical resistance, dimensional stability and cleanliness of operations. Open end belting is available with special backings, and also with a nylon facing wear surface on either or both sides. Our urethane belts offer:
  • UV, ozone, hydrolysis, oil, grease and gasoline resistance, good resistance to acids
  • temperature ranges between -30 degrees C to 85 degrees C
  • weldable to other thermoplastics
  • 98 percent efficiency

From synchronous to vee multi-rib to flat to banded v-belts, we offer the nation's largest and most complete stock of power transmission belts for every need, whether standard or metric. We also maintain an extensive stock of belt sleeves to meet customized specifications, including one-piece banded v-belts to make up any number of ribs. Non-Stock widths of synchronous and/or multi-rib flat belts are cut and shipped the same day - an exclusive Jason service. Our Accu-Link adjustable v-belt is the ideal temporary replacement belt to keep your critical drives running. We stock many specialty belts and a full line of lawn & garden belts, along with a complete line of v-belt sheaves, synchronous pulleys and bushings.

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