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  Ramsey Silent Chain

Ramsey Silent Chain

Ramsey Products Corporation specializes in the design, manufacture, and application of Silent Chain drives. For 80 years this has been our focus, and today we remain committed to providing our customers with the world's widest range of Silent chain drive products. In addition to our extensive standard product lines for power transmission and conveying applications we offer custom-designed chains, as well as replacements for most competitors products. With warehouses and representatives around the world, we stand ready to assist you in putting efficient, quiet, and reliable Silent chain drives to work in your application.
Ramsey chain Ramsey Conveyor Chain
Ramsey Silent chain is used widely for the transport of parts in manufacturing, assembly, and parts-washing applications. Wherever a durable, flat, and smooth running conveyor is needed, Ramsey Silent chain can be found.

Also known as Inverted Tooth conveyor chain, Ramsey conveyor is used extensively for the transport and handling of glassware. Suitable for hot-end handling, cold-end handling, as well as precision inspection and measuring applications, Inverted Tooth conveyor chain has been proven to meet the demanding requirements of today's glass industry.

Some of the advantages provided by Ramsey Inverted Tooth conveyor chains in Glass Production include:
  1. A durable, long-lasting conveyor: Ramsey chain designs and materials meet the demanding conditions encountered in glass production, providing many years of service life with minimal maintenance, resulting in reduced machine downtime.
  2. A flat and uniform conveyor: The flat and uniform surface of Ramsey chain provides for the trouble-free transport of even the smallest bottles, reducing breakage associated with improper product feeding and tipping.
  3. A nearly constant surface velocity: In the high-speed production of glassware, Ramsey chain's uniform pitch leads to consistent surface speed and equal spacing of glassware.
  4. A heat-resistant conveyor: Manufactured from hardened steel components, Ramsey Inverted Tooth conveying chains can withstand the temperatures associated with both torches and the hot-end handling of glassware.
  5. An economical conveyor: Because Ramsey Inverted Tooth chain typically lasts for years, improves product handling, and requires little or no maintenance, it provides a cost-effective means for conveying glassware.
Ramsey chain Sprockets Ramsey Sprockets and Couplings
Ramsey offers both Stock and Made To Order sprockets. Unless otherwise specified, sprockets are cut with an ANSI standard tooth profile. Stock sprockets are suitable for SC and RamPower series chains. For other types of sprockets  consult Ramsey.
Couplings Ramsey Couplings
The Ramsey Flexible Coupling consists of two steel sprockets encircled by a Ramsey Silent Chain. It is easily installed, readily aligned, sturdy, simple, and  compact. It is made entirely of steel of maximum strength and durability in a compact size. Angular misalignment of 1 deg. and parallel misalignment of 2% of chain pitch are easily accommodated.
Ramsey SC Series Chain
Ramsey SC Series chains, utilizing ANSI Standard tooth profiles and dimensions, are the most commonly used Silent Chains for industrial applications. The patented Ramsey Roller Bearing  joint is used in 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1" & 1-1/2" pitch. A single round pin joint is used in 3/16" pitch chain.

Ramsey Duplex Chain

Ramsey Duplex Chain is designed for serpentine drives where sprockets must be driven from both sides of the chain. Duplex Chains are available in Standard and Heavy Duty Ram Power series, both utilizing the Ramsey Roller Bearing Joint for maximum smoothness and efficiency.


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