Browning sprockets

Browning Sprockets

Browning sprockets Browning sprockets

BROWNING Offers The World's Largest Selection Of Application
Matched, Shaft-Ready Sprockets and Bushings

That's Your Assurance Of Maximum Drive Efficiency At The
Lowest Evaluated Cost.

Finished Bore Sprocket You can choose from the world's largest selection of high-quality, shaft-ready sprockets to solve all your application problems. In-stock hardened sprockets, a Browning specialty, are warranted to last at least twice as long as the standard (un-hardened) mild steel sprockets they replace. The result is increased chain life and reduced downtime.

Additionally, you have the industry's broadest selection of sprocket mounting choices. Sprockets are available with three types of bushings to ensure secure mounting to shaft:

Browning Sprockets

Split Taper Bushing


QD Bushing

QD® Bushing

Taper Bore Bushing


Patented SPLIT TAPER® Bushings — available in inch and metric sizes, as well as with spline bores; bore range 1/4-10"
QD® Bushings in 1/16 inch increments and metric sizes
TAPER BORE® bushings in the same configurations
Finished Bore Sprockets are available with Hardened Teeth and 2 Setscrews for driver size sprockets, (30 teeth and smaller)
Minimum Bore Sprockets are provided from stock to allow for our customers' requirements for simple modifications with same day delivery service
Browning continues to provide custom sprockets for a variety of applications up through 60" diameters
The combination of the above provides one of the broadest selection of stock sprockets in the industry

Browning Sprockets

BROWNING Synchronous Belt Drives

Combine The Positive Timing Action of
Gears With the Flexibility, Speed and
Low Noise Level of Belts

The Browning HPT® Synchronous Belt Drive line offers a wide range of HP and speeds, from very low speeds -- 10 RPM or less -- to speed well over 5,000 RPM, with horsepower ratings from fractional to more than 200 HP.
HPT Synchronous Drive

Gearbelt Drives are offered in five stock pitches to handle a wide range of loads, speeds and applications.

Belt Drive Features and Benefits include:
Significantly Quieter Operation
New Parabolic Tooth Profile
Glass Fiber Cord Tension Member
Neoprene Rubber Body
Nylon Facing Fabric
Positive Drive, No Slip
Lower Belt Tensions
No Lubrication Required
Fully Interchangeable With Competitive Types
Pitch Sprockets Belts
Grooves Bore Range Width Length
8 mm 22-192 1/2 - 3 1/2 20, 30, 50, 85 mm 480-4400 mm
14 mm 28-216 1/2 - 5 1/2 40, 55, 85, 115, 170 mm 966-6860 mm
Gearbelt Drive
Browning HPT and Gearbelt Drives
offer a choice of the popular SPLIT TAPER bushing or QD bushing for spockets  /pulleys.

Browning Belt Drives

Advantages include:
Constant Speed
High Modulus Strength Member
Freedom From Initial Belt Tension
Compact Design
Less Heat
Browning Belt Drives
Pitch Gearbelt Pulleys Gearbelts  
Grooves Bore Range* Belt Width Pitch Length No. Teeth
XL 1/5" 10-72 MB 3/16-1" 1/4"-5/16" -3/8"** 6.0"-26.0" 30-130
L 3/8" 10-17 FB 3/8-1 1/2-3/4 12.375- 60.0 33-160
18-40 MB 1/2-2 3/8
18-120 3/8-1 3/4 -1**    
H 1/2" 14-30 MB 5/8-2 3/8 3/4-1 24.0-170.00 48-340
14-156 3/8-3 3/4 1 1/2-2
XH 7/8" 18-26 MB 1-3 3/4 2-3-4-5-6-8 50.75-175.0 58-200
18-120 3/4-4 1/4
XXH 1 1/4" 18-90 1 1/8-5 2-3-4-5-6-8 70.0-180.0 56-144
*MB = Minimum Bore. FB = Finished Bore. Others are Bushing Type.


The Broadest Helical Gearing Line Available Today
  • Ouput torque ranging from 100 to 11 million inch-pounds.
  • The right product to meet your application challenge.
  • In addition to standard series, extensive custom enclosed gearing solutions available.

Experience the Browning Gearing Shaft Mount Advantage:
  • TorqTaper® bushing allows ease of installation and removal.
  • Tapered roller bearings on all shafts for maximum thrust capacity.
  • Commercially available bearings and seals make maintenance trouble-free.
  • Carburized and ground gearing provides higher rating capacity in less space.
Helical Shaft Mount Reducers
Helical Shaft Mount Reducer
  • Sizes 107-608.
  • 1 7/16" _ 6 1/2" output quill.
  • Ratios 5:1, 9:1, 15:1, 25:1.
  • Up to 320,000 In. Lbs. torque.
  • TorqTaper® bushed or finished bore.
  • Field installable back stop.

    TorqTaper® is a Registered Trademark of Emerson Electric Co.
Screw Conveyor Drives
Screw Conveyor Drive
  • 1 1/2" to 3 7/16" Drive Shafts.
  • Integral or modular drive shaft assembly from stock components.
  • Ratios 5:1, 9:1, 15:1, 25:1.
  • Up to 88,000 In. Lbs. of Torque.

Parallel Shaft, Right Angle & Hollow Bore Speed Reducers
Parallel Shaft Speed Reducer
  • Output torque range from 16,000in.-lbs. to 11,000,000 in.-lbs. in 25 frame sizes
  • Ratio range from single 1:1 to quadruple 657:1
  • Available with solid or hollow output shaft in parallel or right angle configuration
  • BROWNING standard 2-year warranty

PlanetPower Planetary  Reducers
Planetary Reducer
  • A range of 8 frames: sizes 21-28.
  • Only six unique mounting dimensions.
  • Output torque to 615,000 in.-lbs.
  • Numerous ratios from 3.15:1 to 4500:1
  • High efficiency (over 97.5% per reduction)
  • High capacity roller bearings on most sizes.

Right-Angle Gearboxes
Right Angle Gearbox
  • Ratings to 135HP.
  • 1:1 TO 2:1 Ratios.
  • 6 sizes.
  • Aluminum right angle (ARA) also available with ratings to 7.8 horsepower.

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